Britt Phillips
I vowed many years ago that when I made it I would give back and do all that I could to help as many others make it as well. I've been tremendously blessed. And now it's my turn to give back and to help as many people realize their dreams of building wealth as possible.
Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

God Bless,

Britt Phillips
Internet Millionaire Mentor

People always ask. I've got over 20 custom branded clothing
items and yes I wear them all the time because they work!
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From: Britt Phillips
Re: Business Opportunity Clothing Line

Dear Smart Marketer,

I'm about to share a simple marketing strategy that I discovered by accident while launching one of my DVD titles.

The response to my marketing test really opened my eyes. And I've been using this very effective strategy ever since. I love it!

But what makes me qualified to give advice?
Eager new prospects with money in hand to join your business opportunity. | Business Opportunity Clothing | Branded Clothing
"Getting fresh, targeted prospects to approach you about your business opportunity, is MUCH easier than you may think. The secret is implementing this simple, yet powerfully effective marketing strategy - It REALLY works!"
I've been marketing a variety of products and services for over 30 years. I'm also blessed to be one of the all time top income earners in the history of the home based business opportunity I've been involved with for 15 years. I've got over 20 active web sites. I'm a mentor and a success coach. I became a millionaire several years ago. And I've taught thousands how to sell more of their products, services and business opportunities.
I had just finished a DVD title and I wanted to spread the word in my local area in a really big way.

I put up signs all over my Hummer H2 and that really got the attention of lots of people since it is a head turner itself anyway. That was great while I was driving or parked. But I wanted to come up with something else.

I knew that all I had to do was get the attention of people and they would be curious enough to ask me how they can save money at the gas pump or even get free gas. This is the fundamental key to effective marketing.

I didn't want to walk up to person after person (even though I knew that anyone driving a vehicle would be a highly targeted prospect) because that would get old really quick. I wanted to have more freedom with it.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase... Work Smarter Not Harder. Well, I adapted it to say Promote Smarter Not Harder.

My objective was to get people to ask me how they could get free gas without me having to initiate the conversation.
Free Gas! How to save an average of $20. to $60. every time you stop for gas!
Here's how it all started...
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I decided to have some shirts printed with a simple but highly effective message which read Ask Me How To Get FREE Gas. Here's how the designs turned out...
This is the clothing line that started it all. Today I have thousands of products in my various clothing lines.
I started wearing them everywhere I went. And right away people started asking me how they could get free gas! People would just walk up to me in the grocery store, the bank, the mall, the bookstore and of course the gas station! I especially love it when this happens because I usually have a box of DVDs in my Hummer ready to sell on the spot!
Wearing clothing with your promotional marketing message branded on it is a smart idea.
Once I saw how effective this marketing strategy was, I started thinking about how I could implement it to sell other products, services and of course my business opportunity.
I've been wearing branded shirts, hats and jackets ever since. And the results speak for themselves. People approach me all the time. My marketing message is very hard to miss! And that is exactly what I set out to do.

These branded clothing items have become part of my everyday wardrobe. They are my uniform of the day.
I really like wearing them to places where I know there will be a big crowd. The movies fairs, and especially coliseum events are my favorites. I know chances are high that I'm going to get some new business out of it. At the very least I may establish a new prospect that may possibly buy something from me in the future.
You will never make a sale until you first learn how to effectively break the ice when networking. Networking is a skill. It can be learned. However, the easier it is to break the ice the better when it comes to establishing a repore with a potential prospect.
Everywhere you go, there are people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. They are interested in your product. They need the service you provide. They are like-minded and open to a business opportunity. The problem is you don't know who they are. And even worse, they don't know who you are!
Wearing clothing branded with your promotional message is an easy way to break the ice with potential prospects.
How much easier could it get than to have interested prospects approaching you? Talk about an ice breaker!
Think about it. How many times have you been in a large crowd of people? Now, how many of those people were you able to approach with your product, service or business opportunity? It just isn't feasible to approach every person. Or is it? I say YES you can!

When you are wearing clothing with your promotional message branded on it, all you have to do is walk around in the large crowd of people and instantly they see your message! You do not have to approach them one by one. You do not have to attempt an ice breaker to establish a repore. You do not have to constantly be trying to engage people or recruit.
You never have to worry about fear or rejection when you wear branded clothing.
Fear is a huge obstacle for many to overcome. The thought of having to approach a total stranger by itself is tough. Adding the pressure of trying to present a sales pitch of some kind can be extremely challenging.

The great thing about wearing branded clothing is you never have to do anything but wear the clothing to places where people are! That's it!

You would be wearing a shirt anyway. There is zero pressure on you to perform. All you do is put on one of your branded shirts and instantly you become a walking billboard!

And when a person approaches you, you know they are at least curious about your offer. The conversation is easy. The ice is broken. You just met a new prospect!
It's no secret that some shirts stand out more than others. It's important to realize we are creatures of habit. We are extremely visual by nature. This is why wherever we go, we look at everyone else. We notice what they are wearing. We notice things about their appearance. We even notice many things we may not realize we do. It's just built in to our genetic makeup. And this ensures that whatever you wear will be noticed!

This is why big national brand name companies spend so much money on getting their logo and product etc. out in to the marketplace. They are fully aware of brand awareness. They want to get as many people talking about their product, and familiar with who they are, as possible. This is why you see shirts for example in stores with well known logo's on them. And when people buy those shirts, the brand makes money plus they get free advertising and more brand awareness every time someone wears the shirt anywhere!

Listen, you really don't need a crash course in basic marketing and brand awareness to realize that wearing a shirt with a marketing message on it will get noticed. I just wanted you to have the basic understanding of why it is effective.

The idea is to wear shirts, jackets, hats etc. that get people to notice you and to then go beyond visual observation. You want them to take some sort of action. It may be to simply visit your web site, to call a telephone number, or to approach you and ask for more information.

I keep all of this in mind when I create designs which will be placed on shirts, jackets, hats etc. I create designs with one thing in mind. To stimulate visual interest and to motivate those who see them to take the desired action.

Here's a few examples of the many pre-made designs that are available.
Why people can't help but notice you...
I create new promotional clothing items with generic marketing messages on them every week!
There are shirts,jackets,hats, and much more to choose from! To see the pre-made designs that are currently available, click the Premade Items tab at the top of this page for more information.

I also have incorporated a custom designer in to this web site. With the custom designer, you can use any of the hundreds of designs I've created to create your own one of a kind custom clothing items! You can place the designs exactly where and how you want them to appear. You can also mix and match designs, resize, rotate, add your own custom text and much more.
Here's what the clothing designer looks like. You can use it to easily and quickly design your own custom one of a kind creations to market your product, service, program, or business opportunity.
Using the designer is easy. For more information just click the Design Your Own tab at the top of this page. The designer is a lot of fun to use and I think you will really enjoy it.
This site allows you to instantly capitalize on your own personal real estate, and to use it to your ultimate advantage everywhere you go.
Think of it in terms of a billboard. Why do billboards work. The answer is simple. It's all about traffic. The billboard doesn't move but the traffic does. And each time a new set of eyes see it, the billboard does the job it's supposed to. Is the message for everybody? Of course not. However, when you have lots of traffic it doesn't matter. A certain percentage of those eyeballs will have genuine interest. And of those, some will take action and become customers, clients, buyer etc.

So really in effect what you are when you wear custom branded clothing is a walking, talking billboard. You become the billboard. And the only difference between you and a regular billboard is that instead of the billboard remaining stationary and the traffic moving (since you are the billboard) you move around so that all those eyeballs can see you and your billboard message.

There is one major drawback to a billboard however. And that is the average time someone actually sees it. Traffic is moving. This means the billboard only has literally a second or two to generate interest. And when you multiple this times lots of people who may see it, you must take this in to account when trying to reach your target market.

The difference is a branded shirt can actually get more exposure, and for longer periods of time, which makes it more effective and less costly. Think about it. Would you rather have one thousand people each see your billboard for only a second, or have 100 people each see your shirt for perhaps a minute or longer? And don't forget that when a person sees your shirt, they can approach you and ask you for more information. You can hand them a business card with your web site and telephone number on it. A billboard isn't personable at all. It just stands there.
Billboards are expensive and rarely produce sufficient results to warrant the high cost involved.
As a marketer, you've always got to be in marketing mode. Ask any successful marketer what their secret of success is and they will undoubtedly tell you they are always marketing. Now this doesn't mean you have to work necessarily harder. It just means you've got to find ways to spread your marketing message in a much smarter way.

I'm a huge believer in taking advantage of my surroundings. I also believe in maximizing every available opportunity to spread my marketing message. I believe the more exposure you can get for your offer, the more sales you will get as a direct result. It just makes logical sense.

Marketing can get expensive unless you find creative ways of doing it that are effective and cost less. This is the key. You can buy a branded shirt for far less than you can take out a billboard advertisement. The shirt is yours for life. It will perform for you every where you go. And once you've made just one sale, chances are you will very easily pay for it. Then every lead or sale you generate from it for life is free.

You can't simply remove marketing effort from the equation. If you do then where will your exposure and sales come from? No, you have to market yourself and your product, program, service, opportunity etc. This site makes it easy to do.

I built this site for two reasons. First I've always wanted my own clothing line. Hey, it seems like everyone else has one - well, okay many celebrities do anyway! Still you have to admit it is pretty cool, right? The second, more serious reason is because I wanted marketers to have a place to go, that would make it super easy to quickly grab, or design clothing that would help them to sell more of their products, programs, services, and of course generate interest in their MLM or business opportunity. This site allows this to happen easily and affordably.
What's the difference between a
billboard and a branded shirt?
The difference is a branded shirt can actually get MORE exposure, and for longer periods of time, which makes it MORE effective and LESS costly!
Custom branded clothing is inexpensive and gets instant results for a lifetime with only a one time cost.
On the surface you may think wearing a shirt with a marketing message on it is only going to take you so far. You are partially right if this is what you're thinking. However, I would say that if this is what you are thinking, then the reason it is only going to take you so far is not because of the shirt or the marketing message, but moreover because of your limiting beliefs. It's all about your attitude. By the way, I've got some killer designs you can put on a shirt that talk about attitude to help me drive the point home...
If a person gets his attitude toward money staright, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life. How's your ATTITUDE?
God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest. Are you HUNGRY for a real opportunity?
Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. TAKE ACTION TODAY
Are you starting to see how this marketing approach can help you make more sales? Always remember that every sale always starts with interest. First you have to generate interest in your product, program, service, opportunity etc.
The next time you are about to leave your house or office, just ask yourself if you are taking absolute full advantage of your own personal real estate space.

If aren't using your own prime personal real estate to sell yourself, your product, program, service, or to generate genuine interest in your home based business opportunity, you should seriously revaluate your thinking.

Remember, to be successful at anything, you have got to give it 100%. This means figuring out the things that work and implementing those strategies. The effective strategies are called strategies for a reason. It's time you benefit from them in every way possible.

The fast is however that unless you take action and implement them, how can you ever expect to glean the benefit they offer?

It's your choice. It always is up to you. Will you make the right decision here or will you make wild assumptions and blow this really unique opportunity?
Nobody owes anybody a living, but everybody is entitled to a chance.
This is your chance. I hope you are smart enough to take advantage of it and seize it.

Here's my challenge to you. Let's say you aren't sure if this will actually work for you. Perhaps you flat out think it's a waste of your time, energy and effort. I know if this is what you're thinking how wrong you are but the point is you don't. So here's what I'm asking you to do. Just get one shirt and wear it for a weekend when you go to the movies, out to dinner, stop for gas, walk around retail stores etc. Then make up your mind whether or not you think this is an effective marketing strategy.

Be sure to carefully check out the rest of this site by using the navigation tabs at the top of the page. The site is pretty simple but the message is incredibly powerful. You need to be using this marketing strategy. It needs to be part of your marketing arsenal. It's effective and it will change the way you think when you reach for a shirt from now on!

I'm so glad to be able to share with you one of the effective marketing strategies that I personally use to sell more of my products, programs, services and business opportunities.

If you have any questions about this site, please first check out the FAQ page by clicking the FAQ tab at the top of this page. If you don't see the answer there then feel free to contact me direct by clicking the Contact tab.