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You’re about to discover how to use promotional clothing to generate new prospects on-demand for your product, program, service, business opportunity offer or really anything you want… and it’s almost effortless from your normal daily routine. Once you implement this exciting marketing concept, you will enjoy people approaching you and asking about your offer everywhere you go! You’re really going to appreciate how much fun this is and how effective it is!

“Getting fresh, targeted prospects to approach you about your business, is MUCH easier than you may think. The secret is implementing this simple, yet powerfully effective promotional clothing marketing strategy – It REALLY works!”

If you aren’t sure what promotional clothingPromotional merchandise, sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag, are products, often branded with a logo or slogan, used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns. is just hover over the words.

What’s the difference between a billboard and promotional clothing?

Why do billboards work. The answer is simple. It’s all about traffic. The billboard doesn’t move but the traffic does. Each time a new set of eyes see it, the billboard does the job it’s supposed to. A percentage of those people will have genuine interest. Of those, some will take action and become customers, clients, buyers etc. The only difference between you and a billboard is that instead of the billboard remaining stationary and the traffic moving (since you are the billboard) you move around so that all those eyeballs can see you and your billboard message.

There is one major drawback to a billboard. The average time someone actually sees it. Traffic is moving. This means the billboard only has literally a second or two to generate interest. When you multiply this times lots of people who may see it, you must take this into account when trying to reach your target market. Many more people have to see it to achieve results.

promotional clothing
The difference is promotional clothing can actually get much more exposure, and for longer periods of time, which makes it more effective and less costly.

Think about it. Would you rather have one thousand people each see your billboard for only a second, or have 100 people each see your t-shirt, hoodie etc. for perhaps a minute or longer?

And don’t forget that when a person sees your promotional clothing, they can approach you and ask you for more information. You can hand them a business card with your web site and telephone number on it. A billboard isn’t personable at all. It just stands there.

So really in effect what you are when you wear custom branded promotional clothing, is a walking, talking billboard. You become the billboard!


Main Street




Grocery Stores

Sporting Events

Trade Shows

Amusement Parks

and everywhere else you go where there are lots of people!
“share your marketing message wherever you go!”

It’s not easy picking a favorite design.

However, I’ve chosen some that stand out to me. Check out the categories in the shop to find the designs that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! And then add ’em to the cart! Have fun and thanks for your business. If you need a custom design just let me know.

Every design can be placed on all products!

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Add your own custom text to designs!

“Delivered before time, t shirt and hoodie are of excellent quality, both material and fitting. Very happy with my purchase, will be shopping there again soon.”

“The shirts are made of very good quality. They do not stretch out and they keep their color even after multiple washings.”

“The shirts printed great and the arrival time was beyond superb … Pretty good company… have been working with for a year now and the shirt print quality is good.”

“Easy transaction and high quality shirt. I recommend this seller!”

“Very fast shipping, nice quality shirts & very good prices!”

“Great selection, good Web site, good prices (with a discount offer), fast service & delivery, quality products!”

“Outstanding customer service and nice shirt!!”

“The site is easy to use and has lots of options. I got my order quickly and exactly as I was expecting.”

“Amazing. I ordered a custom design late Wednesday evening, paid for the medium-fast delivery and it arrived Friday. Wonderful service! The sweatshirt was high-quality and appreciated by the recipient.”

“The two shirts I ordered arrived earlier than I expected and they were very good quality. I am pleased.”

“Very good.. designing a t shirt was easy, and the Delivery time was very fast,, No complaints at all.”

“Professional, high quality, wonderful customer service, fast and affordable.”

“Delivery was prompt, the person gifted with this item liked it.”

“I was able to find the tee shirt I wanted, which hadn’t been easy to find before. Reasonable price, no surprises, arrived on time.”

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“Love the shirt can’t wait to give to my dad for his birthday!”

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“I ordered a personalized hoodie and it was perfect! It came exactly as pictured and much faster than I expected! I’m blown away. The hoodie is very comfortable and exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be ordering again!”

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“It’s easy, fun,creative, lots of art and slogans, etc. to chose from or customize , quick delivery, excellent quality and service!”

“Loved the option of positioning the image exactly where I wanted it on the t shirt. Nice quality, fast ship.”

“I liked the ease of the site and that I could make color choices and change up the design.”

“T-Shirts were high quality. Shipping was fast. Good price and high value.”

“I ordered, it came in a timely fashion, I liked the look of the finished product, I am happy!”

“Easy to use site, quick response, updates on shipping provided and package arrived a couple of days before scheduled. Excellent!”





Priority, YOU.

promotional clothing
Abstract category contains cool designs of an abstract art nature, full of color pop. It’s a new category that I’m in the process of creating designs for. New designs added weekly so stay tuned!

promotional clothing
Font Fun category is a fun, playful collection of designs that were created with various creative fonts. They range from silly and sexy, to bold and sophisticated. There’s something for everyone!

promotional clothing
Inspirational category contains inspiring designs that make you and everyone who see’s them feel good. They are excellent icebreakers and conversation starters. Check them out and get inspired!

promotional clothing
Quotes category contains lots of great quotes from famous people. These designs are perfect for social gatherings, as well as everyday casual wear. Check ’em out and see which ones captivate you.

promotional clothing
Urban Style category contains lots of dope designs to help you step out in style and get your swag on!  Wear ’em with jeans as street wear, or dress ’em up and make your own fashion statement!

promotional clothing
Animals is a fun category containing some really nice animal themed designs that look great dressed casually with jeans, or upscaled with other apparel. There’s something for everyone.

promotional clothing
Gas Distributor category is for my gas distributors, or anyone offering discount savings gas opportunity. The designs command attention and get people to ask you how to get FREE gas! They work!

promotional clothing
Jesus category is for those who know and love Jesus! If you’re a Christian, you’re gonna love these designs! Each one was created with love and will help you share your faith everywhere you go.

promotional clothing
Rock and Roll category is jam-packed with rocking designs that proclaim rock and roll will never die! If you’re a die hard rock and roll fan, be sure to check out the killer rock and metal designs!

promotional clothing
USA Patriotic category is for the one who loves the United States of America and all she stands for. Freedom, liberty, justice and the brave sacrifices of our veterans who served with honor.

promotional clothing
BizOp category contains very creative, responsive promotional clothing designs that command attention for your product, program, service or opportunity. Command attention in these super effective designs!

promotional clothing
Gym category was created for my brothers and sisters in iron. I’ve been training for 30 years. These designs are super cool and are real head turners! Check ’em out today and you’ll see what I mean!

promotional clothing
One Word Description category is full of designs containing a single word. What is your one word description? What one word best describes you? Either honestly or jokingly. It’s all in there!

promotional clothing
Rubber Stamps category is a neat collection of fun, useful designs that can serve multiple purposes. Check ’em out and you’ll see what I mean. There’s something for everyone in there!

promotional clothing
Miscellaneous category contains variety of cool designs that don’t really go in other categories. They have to go someplace and this is where they are! Check ’em out to find some cool designs!

promotional clothing
Brand Apparel is for our branded logo shirts. Show us some love by grabbing one of these awesome looking designs. It has our cool logo on the front and back. Thanks, and we appreciate it.

promotional clothing
Humor category is full of hilariously funny, gut-busting designs that turn heads, command attention, engage the public, and make excellent conversation starters! Get ready to laugh out loud!

promotional clothing
Political category has you covered if you’re Republican or Democrat or somewhere in between! These designs are guaranteed to spark conversation… debate… laughter! Check ’em out to see why!

promotional clothing
Social Media category has creative designs to help you share your social media presence, marketing etc. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and MUCH more!

promotional clothing
Do you have suggestions for a design or category? If so, use the contact form and let me know. I welcome all feedback, and consider every suggestion when creating new designs and content.


The shop is located just below this section. The walkthrough video to the right shows how to navigate your way around the shop, browse designs, add your own personal text to any design, upload your own images / create unique custom designs, promotional clothing and more!

Fast Start Tip: Hover your cursor over Men or Women and then click on the product of interest IE T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Tank Tops etc. Next, Look just below Topics and click on the desired category such as BizOp, Gym, Social Media etc.

Let’s say you’re a male and you want to see all available t-shirts in the Political category. Just hover over Men and then click on T-Shirts then click on the Political category. You will then see a display of all available t-shirts for men in the Political category.

Remember, you can mix and match designs, change the color of a product, choose the  placement of design(s) on your product of choice etc. For example if you prefer a Vneck instead of a regular t-shirt.


promotional clothing

If to help other people you go out of your way

And do not make a big deal of it nor do not ask for pay

Of a future of good karma you are planting the seed

And good karma will reward you in your moment of need.

Frances Duggan

promotional clothing

Frequently Asked Questions About Promotional Clothing, Marketing Strategies, Branding Apparel

This website is pretty cool. Who designed it?
Thanks, I designed it. If you would like to talk about how I can either give your existing website a dramatic facelift, or build you a site from scratch, contact me. I’d love to show you what I can do for you.

Are you available for custom design work?
Yes. If you would like me to create some custom promotional clothing designs for your company, service, product, business opportunity etc., just click the contact link at the top of this page or call me direct at 804-897-2274.

What's the basic promotional clothing concept here?
The basic concept is to get your marketing message out to as many people as possible, without having to approach them directly, or attempt to sell them, or otherwise engage them in any way (other than with your promotional clothing) to do it.

Let’s say you’re in the grocery store. When you first walk in, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get on the intercom and make a big announcement consisting of your commercial for your product, program, service, or business opportunity? You could have everyone  (who is interested in your offer) form a line at the front of the store and you could sell them all right on the spot! Well, the interesting fact is due to the number of people in the store, the general appeal of your targeted offer (to the people in the store based on wants, needs, demographics etc.) it is safe to say a line would form with a few people in it. However, since you can’t make a formal announcement and the store isn’t going to be interested in having you broadcast your commercial over their intercom system, you will need an alternate solution.

And here is is…. promotional clothing! Subtle. Direct. Effective. Promotional clothing is like a magnet. In fact, isn’t that what all marketing really is? Sure it is. It’s about attracting new prospects, new business, new clients, new sales. The bottom line is, it’s about using systems and strategies to attract targeted people to your business. It’s that plain and simple.

When you wear promotional clothing you become a walking, talking billboard. And everywhere you go you are either attracting or repelling people away. This is true when you’re in your regular clothing as well. It’s human nature. There are ways to draw people to you. When you recognize that as a marketer, you have the ability to attract like-minded people to you, like the most powerful magnet on earth, you begin to fully appreciate and understand the enormous power you have. It can be incredibly powerful in the right hands. Smart marketers know the power of attraction marketing.

Here’s the key. You must learn to harness the powerful forces of human nature. It’s also important for you to understand that not everyone is going to be attracted to you or your message no matter how well you present it or how great your message is. But that’s okay, because plenty of people will!

And this is the beauty of promotional clothing. Does a magnet all of the sudden stop attracting? No. It waits patiently until something comes within range of it’s power. Then it attracts it. The same is true of a really good marketing message. And when you combine the attraction principal with a good marketing message, delivered by a walking billboard which is placed in targeted areas, you are poised to have a winning combination!

Another way of thinking about it is a pebble in a pond. You know what happens when you toss a stone into the water. It creates a ripple effect. And you see a ripple effect which extends out in a circle that grows. It spreads out until eventually you can’t see it anymore once it’s out of range. The same thing is true when you wear promotional clothing. Except you are combining the power of attraction marketing to create the ripple. One might say you are casting a net over an area, or another great analogy might be that you are sending out a radar signal to locate targeted contacts in your immediate area.

Is wearing promotional clothing really effective?
Absolutely! I’ve personally been approached by many people who saw a promotional message on a shirt or jacket I was wearing. It made it super easy to break the ice and start up a conversation which almost always leads to the exchange of business cards or websites etc. and often sales!

How many promotional clothing items do you personally own?
Approximately 40 shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats etc. Also have plenty of the other designs from each of the categories as well.

How often do you wear promotional clothing?
I try to wear promotional clothing every day when I leave the house to go somewhere. You just never know when a targeted prospect is going to be within reading distance and a sale can be made. Once you try it and see the results for yourself, you too will always want to wear your promotional clothing everywhere you go!

Where are some good places to wear promotional clothing?
It’s best to get into the habit of wearing the promotional clothing everywhere you go. I say this because you simply never know where the person who has interest in your offer is going to be. Just know this. Everywhere you go there are countless people who have a direct interest in what you are offering. This is one of the many reasons why wearing promotional clothing is so effective. It makes it super easy for you to attract people who are highly targeted to your offer.

A more direct answer to the question would be any place where groups of people gather. The more the better. Here’s a small list of good places… Arts & Crafts Shows, Banks, Bars, Bike Shows, Book Stores, Car Shows, Carnivals, Coliseum Events, Concerts, Dog Parks, Fairs, Food Courts, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Malls, Movie Ticket Lines, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Seminars, Sporting Events, Ticket Booths, Wrestling Matches and MANY more!

The key with all of these places is the fact that a never ending stream of people are always going to be walking around. In the case of a grocery store checkout line, a movie theater ticket line, or a bank teller line etc. you will always have a small focused group of people who can very easily see your promotional message. The beauty here is that you can move around while these people remain focused and stationary. Again, you are the billboard. You are simply moving around so more people will see your marketing message! It really works!

What is your strategy for getting the most out of promotional clothing?
Simply put, you’ve got to wear the items around as many people as you can. Putting on a branded shirt or jacket and then standing in your backyard, isn’t going to somehow magically spread your marketing message, unless you’re having a cookout and have invited lots of people over! You’ve got to wear your clothing where people are going to see it, in order for it to have effect! I try to wear the items everywhere I go. My mindset is that everywhere I go there are targeted people who have interest in my product, service, program or business opportunity.

When you really think about it, this is absolutely true. We share the world with a lot of diverse people. In today’s times there are many more like-minded, open-minded entrepreneurial thinkers walking about then you may realize. They are everywhere! And that’s a great thing. When you are wearing promotional clothing, you are able to attract them to you.

What else I can do in addition to promotional clothing to generate more business?
Here’s what I do. I use drop cards. Drop cards can be highly effective as well. They are the perfect companion to wearing promotional clothing. Call me to discover what drop cards are all about and to discover how you can use them effectively to quickly generate new leads, customers and sales for your business!

What's the best way to handle it when someone approaches you with interest after seeing your promotional clothing?
It depends on your offer and what your goals are. Your objective may be to sell something on the spot. It may be to get them to visit your web site. It could be to qualify them as a person who would be well suited for a home based business opportunity.

Personally, I always have business cards on me. I always have plenty of drop cards on me as well. I’ve got 27 web sites and I have them all memorized. So I know which site address to give a person who expresses interest. I’ve found however that the best results always come from having something to give to a person which contains my web site address and telephone number. You can never rely on people to remember your web site or telephone number. People are too easily distracted and forgetful. It’s always best to hand them a card. That way they do not have to remember anything. All they have to do is take out the card you gave them and either go to your web site or give you a call.

The initial rapport you establish with a prospect is very important. So you want to make sure you take the time to properly establish it. You want the person to follow through with whatever action you want them to take such as going to your web site or calling you etc.

Are these promotional clothing items good quality?
Yes they are. Initially I was a bit skeptical about how well the designs would look and how good the colors would appear etc. However, once I got the first few shirts I realized immediately they look great and the colors are sharp. I get nice compliments all the time when I’m wearing them.

It starts with the design. The maximum pixel dimensions that can be utilized in the design shop is 4000 X 4000. The highest resolution that can be used is 300 dpi. So I always design everything in 300 dpi. This ensures the absolute highest quality. I prefer to allow the printer to automatically reduce the resolution down to 200 dpi from the highest 300 dpi industry standard for print work. This ensures the absolute best possible quality. The shirts and designs rival anything I’ve seen in stores in terms of color and shirt quality.

How do you wash the shirts and hoodies to ensure they stay looking good?
I turn them inside out and wash them in cold water with regular laundry detergent. The colors never bleed and they come out looking great. Personally, I do not dry any of the promotional clothing, to avoid risk of shrinkage. Also, I use a steam iron to press the items paying careful attention not to iron over the front of the designs. I press the back of the designs to ensure there is no issue with applying a hot iron directly on the designs. This approach works very well.

What can I do when I can't wear promotional clothing due to work?
I have several jackets with a zipper. They are super fast and easy to put on. And they make it a breeze to put on over a shirt and tie for example or anything else. A great example of this strategy may be on your lunch break. You could put the jacket on over your work attire and eat at a nearby restaurant where several people can see your promotional message. Then when it’s time to return to work, simply remove the jacket.

What's your best tip for getting maximum benefit from wearing promotional clothing?
Well, I have lots of tips. And they are all great. There are countless ways you can use promotional clothing to get extremely effective results. Wearing them around a focused group of people is always best. The key is to figure out how to target a group of people who would most likely be interested in your offer.

Here’s a great example… I have a DVD that shows people how to get free gasoline. Now think about this offer. Who would be interested in knowing how to save $20. to $60. every time they stop for gas? Duh… everybody that drives a car, truck, bike, boat etc. Right? Of course!

Now where would be a great place for me to find these people? Where do you think these kinds of people would go? Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is think about other things they also like, want, or need such as gas and food for example. People always need gas. So one thing I do is wear a shirt or jacket that says Ask me how to get FREE GAS. I always keep a couple shirts and jackets in my Hummer just for when I stop for gas. Since people are already standing at the gas pump and they are about to reach into their pocket and pay for gas, do you think they may be at least curious about how they can save money or even get their gas for free? You bet they are!

This strategy is very effective. By the way, if you want to know the secret to free gas just contact me. The point is it only takes me a few seconds to slip on a jacket as soon as I get out of my Hummer to pump my gas. And it’s well worth it when I couldn’t be in a more highly targeted spot!

Restaurants are of course another highly targeted place I go when I want to promote this offer. Here’s a tip. I always try to be seated as close to the front door as possible. And I always sit with my back to the door. I want every person who walks in to instantly see my shirt and my promotional offer. Again, I am the billboard. So it is important for me to plant myself where the most people are going to see me and my promotional message. You always have to be mindful of your marketing message and your offer. Sure there is a really good chance that wherever you go, there will be people who have interest in your offer. However, anytime you can target your audience to a significant degree (as in the above examples) the better.

Do you have any really sneaky promotional clothing tips?
Sure. I’ve got lots of sneaky tips for getting the most out of promotional clothing.

Let’s say you are in a restaurant and you want to promote two things at once to the other patrons without lifting a finger or doing anything different. The way you do it is very simple. Now for this to work in the most effective way, you need to scout a good location that has tables that are positioned close to the front entrance. You also want to make sure the chairs are suitable for you to hang your jacket on them. They need to be tall enough so that your jacket will not be partially on the floor as it hangs. All you do is wear a shirt with one promotional message on it, and then also wear a jacket that has another one! Then once you get to the table, simple take off your jacket and drape it around your chair. Now people can see BOTH promotional messages!

Here’s another sneaky way you can make this TWICE as effective. Take someone else with you. Have them also wear a promotional shirt and jacket. Make sure they sit directly across from you. This way you can maximize the coverage area and get your promotional messages seen from two directions! And if you really wanted to, you could display four different promotional messages at once using this strategy. However, you may wish to drape each person’s jacket over the two opposite chairs so that you can get four way coverage! People behind each of you will see the message on your shirt. People behind each jacket will the message that is on the jacket.

Is there an effective way for me to split test which promotional clothing works best?
Well, this one is pretty straight forward. You simply need to wear them to see which ones give you the best response. However, one thing you can do to perform a quick split test is to wear a shirt with a promotional message that is different than the message on your jacket. Wear your jacket for a while in front of a crowd and then take it off to display the promotional message on your shirt. This will give you an idea of which attracts more people. The thing you have to always keep in mind however is that the people are constantly changing. Just make sure you are targeting the right crowd with your offer. To perform a true split test, you want to change only one thing about each offer as opposed to testing two different offers.

How do the sizes of the shirts and jackets run?
Each design gives the exact size measurements. Personally, I wear a XXXL. I think they run just a hare smaller than traditional sizes sometimes. I’d go with the next size up to be on the safe side. I’m happy with the XXXL items I have. They fit me well without being overly tight. I have room to move around and they are comfortable. I’m 6’2 270 and train with weights several times per week.

What are your personal favorites of all the items you've designed?
That’s a really tough question. It’s tough because I put a lot of thought into each design and product. I take this stuff really seriously. I also know that different designs are going to attract different people. And of course the offer has a direct bearing as well. If you look at the BizOp category for example, each of the designs are great because they are based on impact and responsiveness. These designs are for someone wanting to attract like-minded prospects with interest in a home based business opportunity, investment etc. The best thing to do is to contact me so we can talk about your business model and who you wish to attract. I’ll do my best to guide you in the right direction.

How often do you create new promotional clothing and other designs?
I try to add new designs to my clothing line every week. To be notified when new items have been added to the shop, click the Subscribe tab at the top of this page and subscribe to my private notification list.

How can I learn more about effective ways to market stuff with promotional clothing?
I’m currently working on a DVD title that reveals many of my absolute best tips, techniques, and effective strategies for marketing stuff with promotional clothing. Click the subscribe link to get on my notification list. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go!

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Here’s what happened on a typical visit to the grocery store while wearing promotional clothing…

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